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Or maybe I might tell you that the more emotionally intelligent you are, the more likely you are to get laid? Here’s the truth about understanding our emotions: the more men are disconnected from how we feel, the harder it is for us to connect with others.It isolates us, cripples us and means that we have an even harder time trying to just get a date.Emotional intelligence is one of those traits that tends to be woefully underdeveloped in men.

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Part of it is simply the way that emotion and intelligence get portrayed as oppositional forces.

Emotion – so we’re taught – gets in the way of rational thinking and logic.

8-bit, in this case, refers to a processors’ “word size” – that is, the amount of data it can handle, the memory addresses it can process, the instructions it can run, and so forth.

An 8-bit system can handle integer values up to 255.

Fights with your partner get so much worse when you can’t connect with them on an emotions against you. ”‘s, it’s time to start investing in your own emotional IQ. You may have seen lists that get shared on Facebook and Tumblr about emotions other cultures have for that English doesn’t have words for. Less poetically – yet still freaking amazingly – language literally shapes how we think and feel.

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