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First, we characterized the rings of juvenile and adult trees anatomically.

We then evaluated the annual nature of tree rings by a combination of three indirect methods: evaluation of synchronous growth patterns in the tree- ring series, C bomb peak dating and correlations with rainfall.

In this phase, trees grow from the dark forest understory to the forest canopy, a process that lasts several decades to a century (Lieberman and Lieberman ).

The analyses presented were intended to rebut the emerging hypothesis that invokes root-plant uptake, transport and reallocation of soil organic carbon into phytoliths that has been recently put forward as an explanation for the anomalous radiocarbon 14C ages of hundreds to thousands of years old reported for modern grass phytoliths in Santos et al.

After oxidation to HTO, it takes part in the natural water cycle.

Estimating the postmortem interval of human skeletal remains by analyzing their optical bomb peak dating. First, a literature review of archaeological and modern ecological rat isotope work reveals that, while rat dietary signatures are often a reasonable proxy for human food waste, they will not always record an unbiased average of foods which are available in a given environment.

The 14 C data showing the bomb peak on the northern and southern hemisphere reflect the exchange between both hemispheres nicely.

Samples originating from the time period after can be radiocarbon dated utilising the 14 C bomb peak as a calibration curve.

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