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See the documentation of those plugins (e.g., collectd-perl(5) or collectd-python(5)) for details. As a special exception, if the plugin name is either Sets a plugin-specific interval for collecting metrics. If a plugin provides its own support for specifying an interval, that setting will take precedence.

block is encountered and no configuration handling callback for this plugin has been registered, a warning is logged and the block is ignored.

The default value is 5, but you may want to increase this if you have more than five plugins that take a long time to read. Setting this to a value higher than the number of registered read callbacks is not recommended.

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when they specify different intervals, only one of them (the first one encountered) will take effect and all others will be silently ignored.

Load Plugin may either be a simple configuration If enabled, collectd will export all global symbols of the plugin (and of all libraries loaded as dependencies of the plugin) and, thus, makes those symbols available for resolving unresolved symbols in subsequently loaded plugins if that is supported by your system.

Warning: You should set this once and then never touch it again.

If you do, Number of threads to start for reading plugins.

it contains a Plugin block the appropriate Load Plugin statement.

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