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So, i just go crazy with the tester of jadore on perfume counters!Its elegant, floral, and well blended that it smells simple but with a touch of glamour that reminds me of the truly rich -those ladies that are always clad in muted colours with impeccable hair and nails clutching a expensive handbag on their way to brunch or afternoon tea.

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Wear on a warm spring day in a flowy skirt and let it waft around you like a breeze. As it is such a unique scent I always wondered what the composition was.

Turns out that the melon-pear accord is what makes it so special to me. A great perfume that will give me happy memories for the rest of my life.

J’Adore is as sexy as Louboutin stiletto and as comfortable as a pair of Tod’s.

★★★★ I received this perfume as a gift in 2002 but I could never bring myself to like it.

Recently, I got myself the biggest bottle of Jadore and it is classic elegance in a bottle! Finally able too test this I am sorry too leave negative feedback this is just a okay scent nothing groundbreaking AT ALL.

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