Sarah bosnich dating bow wow and melody thornton dating

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Slater recalled his own experience at West Ham when he watched in horror as some teammates guzzled two bottles of beer each in the dressing room on the morning of a match.  October 2001: Makes Chelsea debut after 18-month absence from Premier League. "Believe it or not, we won that night, but it was amazing behaviour," Slater said.

"Drugs were everywhere and they practically brought it to me on a tray," Maradona told a Buenos Aires magazine several years after his bust.

Following Australia's World Cup play-off loss to Argentina in 1993, Maradona invited Robbie Slater and Aurelio Vidmar to join his private party at a Buenos Aires nightclub.

But in a revealing TV interview with Mirror editor Piers Morgan to be screened next month she reveals a little known vulnerable side to her character.

It is clear the war with Victoria, 29, still cuts deep.

She explains: "When Dane and Victoria were doing the song, Sarah was on the scene because she was having a bad time with Mark. I'm confident in myself." Jordan insists her man-eating reputation is a cruel lie. If I talk to a man, automatically I've slept with them or whatever. My mum taught me if you make them wait they respect you more. The new series of Tabloid Tales begins on February 25.

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