Server side form validating numbers asp

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NET hi there, advantage: because you are using javascript some browsers for any reason may not sup...

How to Access/Pass Server Side Array Variable at Another Web Form's Client Side Hi All, I struck up with some intrested senario at my application development..some body will guide me or sends me some code snippets.... Senario is like this....(using C# 2.0 as code behind) I am going to have a array variable basically it is an TWO Dimensional array after populating the values in array I need to redirect/ reload another web form B.aspx, here i need to access the array in client side Java Script. Thanks Again Raju Dont do a redirect but use server.transfer.

In addition to this dropdownlist, there is a Required Field Validator... Hello all, I am not sure if this is the correct area to ask this, so excuse me if I posted in wrong area.

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If anyone can inform me or suggest a reference or book I would appr...

Server side validation affecting client side validation Hi there I have some client side validation that is working fine and enables/disables buttons based on user selections. However, when I perform server side validation using custom validators (like checking if the user has entered tags or decimals in the integer boxes) and the server side validation returns is Valid = false then all of the Java Script validation that I've already done when the user clicked each control is lost.

Perhaps an additional js script shoud be added on the buttom of the page which will redefine one or more functions of original js code. I would like to make a server side validation after calling a js function that makes the client-side validation. Do i need a server side button or a simple HTML submit button in order to call both of the tests? How do i call a server side function which is written in csharp after i finish my JS validation (the submit button is calling the JS function for validation first.)- is it possible to call it directly from a js function? I know that my toolbox on contains validation controls who probably are b... All controls are considered clien...validators client-side javascript validation, Enable Event Validation=false Scenario: 1. appenddatabound=true and it is tied to a datasource (via datasourceid), autopostback=false, onchange=check If Add New(this) [this is the client side onchange event]The second option on this dropdown is "Add New", and the check If Add New function pops up a new window and when it returns, it adds the newly created option to the dropdown.

In order for this to happen without getting mad, Enable Event Validation has to be set to false in the Page directive.

That way the previous page will still hold its value, ...avoiding redundant server-side validation after client-side validation I see an inaccurate validation behavior on my (2.0) form. Click ' Navigation buttons Update Form Data() '...

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