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Perhaps its time for some revision about the basics of sex education.

Stop the work you are doing class and gather round.

Miss Primrose must have overheard us, stopped marking the exercise books in front of her, looked at me and snapped Okay Overend, pick up your things and come and sit out at the front where I can keep my eye on you.

If I cant trust you to get on with the work Ive set you to do where you are, you can sit in front of me where I can keep my eye on you! She wants to keep her eye on you now Danny Boy Farmer mocked, I told you she was gagging for it its a long time between now and Thursday! I gathered up my things and made my way to the empty desk in front of Miss Primroses desk at the very front of the class as she (together with the rest of the class) watched me like a hawk. Quiet Miss Primrose snapped, I expect such immature behaviour from a class of first-years but not from a class of fifth-formers!

As I deposited my books and pencil case on top of the empty desk in front of hers she said You seem to have a lot to say for yourself as usual Overend; would you like to share it with the rest of the class? What were you and Overend talking about before I summoned him up to sit next to me! No wonder Colonel Blimp and his ilk believe co-education breeds promiscuity.

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