okdating dating - True confessions of an internet dating addict

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And, like many women of my generation, I had, until recently, begun to see men through a very different set of goggles: ‘baby goggles’. Today, I am 40, single and childless — but still hoping to become a mother.There has been a corresponding surge in 40-plus mothers.

I really wanted to settle down, and it’s very hard to get that across without sounding desperate, without sounding like I’m saying: “Do you want to have a baby?

” on the first date.’ She has not given up on the idea of finding love and continues to date, but she is also meeting potential partners through co-parenting websites.

‘I look at his nose and then at my nose, and wonder what kind of nose our baby would have,’ she explains.

Women in England and Wales are having their first child on average at 28 — four years later than in 1970.

I know many women in my age group who’ve dated online, only to find interest coming from men significantly older than them.

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