Updating hdd firmware

by  |  14-Jun-2019 02:18

database version: 8R0060884AR ECE 6.15.5 I believe this is the right topic for my version, however can anyone confirm this and the best way to get to this latest version?

The MMI version information: Media version: HN _EU_AU3G_P0612 Nav.

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And the usb 3.0 ports are fine because my mouse and keyboard work on those ports.. As you are facing some HDD related issues, I would advise you to back up the most important data stored on the drive.

Apart from that, I would have said that this was drive related issue, if there were no two power surges and the USB 3.0 ports stopped working one at a time.

Links to the latest versions of firmware and map update (with activator) Map & activator (activator works for both 20 maps): 8R0 051 884 ED - 6.24.2 2017 MMI 3G High/Plus Europe 2017 [Link on Mega (use 7z/7zip to open the files)] 8R0 060 884 DF Activator [Link on ru || Link on Mega] 8R0 051 884 DF 6.22.4 2016 MMI 3G High/Plus Europe 2016 [Link on ru || Link on Mega (use 7z/7zip to open the files)] Firmware: Audi A1 [Link on ru || Link on Mega] 8R0 906 961 EC HN _EU_AU210_K0900 (A1) SVM: 3GPEU900A1 Audi A4-A5-Q5-Q7 HN _EU_AU3G_K_0900 - Stock firmware HN _EU_AU3G_K_0942 - Stock firmware HN _EU_AU3G_K_0900 - Green Menu enabled / User Defined Mode / No Sound systems Manual: 3G_3[Link on Mega || Spanish translation thanks to homarc || 2017 MAP Update thanks to homarc] Cheers In order new 2017 map to fit in 32GB SD do not copy the following folders pkgdb/LIT pkgdb/LIT2 pkgdb/LIT3 You might need GEM (Green engineering menu) activated and use User Defined Mode and manually select all that is under AUDI_MMI3G_ECE if it's not selected. Trashes/ and alike folders) So this is the lesson: DO NOT COPY FROM A MAC Sub-lesson: better learn from other's mistakes than redo the experience...

Warning - FW update K0900 is removing the "Emergency Update" option from the "Green Menu". Solution: As stated previously, even a MMI reset procedure didn't allow me to get out of the error.

The error should change from 01043 - Control Module; Incorrect Software Version to 03276 - Please Check Software Version Management. What does the new firmware bring in terms of added functionality? Not much, apart from K0770/K0767 fixing the issues with the SIM data connection and Bluetooth usage at the same time. What are 0325, will they affect the MMI in anyway and how can they be avoided? 03276 - Please Check Software Version Management will appear every time when the software is updated w/o VAS connection to the VW/Audi servers. In file metainfo2in the root folder if you remove the line "Metafile Checksum=XXXXXX" and add Enable User Defined SWDLMode = "true" skip Meta CRC = "true" the you will be able to use the user mode w/o the green menu.

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