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If more projects than the maximum number of threads are scheduled to run at a given moment, the extra projects will be queued.

element is used to set a property (or set of properties) within the Cruise Control configuration file.

If neither of this set, then Cruise Control will use default.

Also note that the property is set for you automatically and will always resolve to the name of the project currently being serviced - even outside the scope of the project definition.

Finally, note that properties bring their best when combined with plugin preconfigurations.

In other words, you may define a property at the global level, then eclipse this value within the scope of a single project by redefining the property within that project.

You may not, however, set a property more than once within the same scope.

maven是一个项目构建和管理的工具,提供了帮助管理 构建、文档、报告、依赖、scms、发布、分发的方法。可以方便的编译代码、进行依赖管理、管理二进制库等等。maven的好处在于可以将项目过程规范化、自动化、高效化以及强大的可扩展性利用maven自身及其插件还可以获得代码检查报告、单元测试覆盖率、实现持续集成等等。Begin而大家都知道android项目是如何发布到Jcenter代码库中。Jcenter是一个maven的标准代码库,向我们平时通过compile 引用的library库其实基本都是从Jcenter库中下载。当然这次我们来配置eclipse的maven管理。用maven的仓库在开发中能够事半功倍。第一步:首先在apache的官方下载maven的zip ( for eclipse helios or higher ) 解压缩出来,随便放置到一个盘中。" data-rawwidth="560" data-rawheight="196" class="origin_image zh-lightbox-thumb lazy" width="560" data-original="https://pic3.zhimg.com/1383151b8644a06aeecef148c9103e38_r.jpg" data-actualsrc="https://pic3.zhimg.com/1383151b8644a06aeecef148c9103e38_b.jpg"目录路径最好不要含有中文或空格。以下用 %maven-plugin% 表示插件解压缩的根目录。如这里的 E:/setup/dev/eclipse/plugins/maven。第二步:配置环境变量。a.

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