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So, shoulders back, chin up, tummy in, walk as tall as you can – but be relaxed and self-confident!Think feline: it’s not called the ‘catwalk’ for nothing.It reflects the light in an incredibly soft, flattering way, giving a sheen to your skin, and I swear it makes your limbs look slimmer.

Buy the items that make you feel fantastic, but don’t take the labels off until you’ve tried them on at home, too.

Once you know you love them, have an ‘un-dress rehearsal’ to make them your own.

This new attitude probably won’t happen overnight – like any great relationship, the one between you and your body will take time to perfect.

Find a long looking glass, shut the door, strip off and get to know yourself. If you haven’t done this in a while, it’s better to get the shock over now, under controlled conditions, rather than when you get to the beach. Keep looking around your body, and the iffy bits (boobs, bum, tum, thighs, for most women) won’t be so bad as you get used to them.

During the panto run - starring Brian Conley and Gok Wan - the venue and the show’s production company, Qdos Entertainment, will be raising awareness and funds for the charity, which is currently celebrating its 25th year.

Who is gok wan dating

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