Wow quest log not updating Pink cams xxx uk

by  |  04-Feb-2019 13:29

This may have to be looked at by Scott who understands his coding better than myself.

However, the file attached seems to be a little bit better of a fix but yep, pet battles still kill the layout cache.

As I moved the microbar's pink bar around, the buttons moved around the screen in a pattern that I can't begin to describe -- sometime in sync, sometimes closer, sometimes farther away.

It would follow the same path, but the distance between the pink bar and the buttons didn't remain constant. However, I was playing around with that feature - turned it off, on, back to mouseover. It seems to make a more consistent result to the menu bar despite messing up once the pet battle starts but a reload of the UI will fix it again, rather than logging out every time.

Maybe that's because I normally keep my microbar in the top left of the screen?

(Everyone else seems to park their microbar in the top center of the screen.) Curious, I went into the movers screen (/nui movers) and slid the Microbar around.

The new microbar file does indeed make the map and quest log work.

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