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Other search engine spiders crawl the major directories, on a regular basis, as well. Directory is crawled on a regular basis by the search engine spiders, including the Google spider. Express Directory inclusion, is to provide fast paid directory entry for business sites.The directory may offer a quick entry into the Google listings for many websites. If you want or require your products and services to be listed quickly, the Express service may be for you.As the web has grown as a form of communication, it’s funny to think that we are actually returning back to our written communication roots!

The Express submission page can be found here:

Express Directory inclusion is also a requirement for commercially based business sites for listing in the directory.

It also doesn’t guarantee, that your choice of site description, will be the one used for the directory listing.

The application doesn’t guarantee to place your site in your choice of category or sub-category either. will notify you by e-mail, of the success or failure of your paid Express submission.

Some of the other important directories, offering both free and paid inclusion, are the Yahoo!

Yahoo adult chat contacts

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